2016 Can Suck It

But you know this. Why am I telling you something you already know?

Because reasons, I guess. I mean, I’m sure some exist somewhere.

Haven’t been on this thing in a while, and that is one of many reasons for this particular entry. I’ve made a lot of progress this year–I published my first book, I got most of my bills paid off, and, oh yeah, I got fired from my job. But it hasn’t been enough. The one thing I realized through all of this is that I’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s more I can be doing, and–at this stage of my life–that I should be doing. Ergo, ipso facto, expecto patronum, I’m going to do them.

But let’s not call these New Year’s Resolutions. Okay? That’s vulgar. And we all know that sh!t rarely makes it past February. This is a full-on lifestyle change, a head-first Leap of Faith into the world I should have been up to my neck in already. So, with that firmly in mind, here’s my list of resolutions mid-life crisis…here’s a list of stuff I’m changing in 2017:

*Commit to losing weight and being healthier. One thing about turning 43–you notice that all of the crap you laughed about even 5 years ago ain’t so damn funny anymore.

*Increase my writing output. More short stories, more novellas. Whatever. And submit them, whether to anthologies, contests, or agents and publishers. That may sound bold, but let’s be honest here–in the last year, I’ve only written one novella and one novel. There are some who do that before I finish peeing in the morning.

*Build my social media. I am a rock star at posting on Facebook. But when it comes to Twitter and Instagram, my presence is severely lacking. That needs to change. Also, I have to get better at sharing the accomplishments of others, however I can. We’re all in this together, and for I’ve been sort of blasé about that. That’s on me to do better. So, I’m going to.

*Build my brand. By the time Denver Comic Con rolls around at the end of June (which I will have a table at, along with my fellow RMFW writers Lisa Manifold and Corinne O’Flynn) I will have, at minimum, three Average Joe stories to sell. But aside from a few close friends, (and especially rabid ones at that…what’s up there?) no one knows this series exists. And as an independently-published author, that’s on me. So, I’m stepping up. It is my goal to have Average Joe be known by all by DCC. Will it help me sell books? Who knows? But it can’t friggin’ hurt.

*Do more. This seems like a no-brainer, considering all the spewage of words above. I just mean I need to be more active in things. I want to find places to volunteer in my community, and I want to be more active in RMFW. In light of everything that 2016 gave us–and man, was there some truly terrible stuff–I’ve realized that, while I’m not part of the problem, I’m not doing enough for me personally. Making the world a better place is a lofty goal, but really, I just want to make myself a better person.

And that’s it. That’s my agenda in a nutshell. Of course, now I have to back it up with action. But that’s okay–I’m prepared. I’ve been working on this for a while now, and the time is right. Just like with my writing–which went through an amazing number of false starts–I’ve reached the moment where it feels natural. Yeah, I’m a little slow sometimes most of the time…f*ck it, I do things when I feel good and ready.

If you’ve had a particularly crappy year, I hope 2017 does better by you. If you had an amazing 2016…well, first off, you’re a lucky S.O.B. But beyond that, I hope the coming year continues the trend. In short, I thank each and every one of you (maybe I should just say both of you, since I doubt there’s more than that reading this…) for coming with me on this journey, and I look forward to hearing all about yours as the year goes on.

Happy Holiday, and Happy New Year!

Also…2016 fucking sucked. No need to sugar-coat that–we all know it did.

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