The proof is in the…um, proof

Man, talk about surreal…

The proof for MATRYOSHKA BLUES came in the mail today, and it’s a thing of beauty. A little on the scrawny side, but we can chalk that up to first-time jitters.

First impression? Awesome–spectacularly, undeniably, abso-fucking-lutely awesome. Second impression? So freaking weird, dude.

I’ve read this manuscript more times than I can recall, both on a monitor during the writing/editing process, and on paper during numerous critiques and read-throughs. But to see my words in an actual book?!?

It’s phenomenal. Breathtaking. Satisfying.


For me, the dream was always to have a book in my hand with my name on the cover. And today that dream came true. Sure, it’s only a proof, and not the final copy. But it’s a book,  and it’s got my name on the cover.

This is just so damn cool.

I still need to read through it, to make sure it’s “perfect” (which it never will be, but you know what I mean) before ordering copies for sale, but for now I have something no one else does: my book. Mine. All mine. It’ll belong to the world soon enough. But for now, I fully intend to spend the rest of my waking hours tonight staring at this anemic bundle of pure, life-affirming joy. At my book.

I mean, holy crap! How killer is this?

Don’t answer. It’s a rhetorical question. It’s obviously very damn killer. You’ll see for yourself in due time.

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